How It Works: The pathway to change

Free Initial Consultation

The initial consultation is a no obligation confidential chat held face to face at my  clinic, or over the phone/Skype if you prefer.  It gives me the opportunity to get to understand what it is that you want to address. I will then be able to tell you if I can help you and we can agree on the most appropriate  style of therapy for you.  Although each therapy is as individual as you are, I will also give you some indication of how many sessions you may need to achieve the desired result.  It will also give you the chance to ask as many questions as you like, to help you decide if you want to  go ahead and work with me.  Assuming you do, we will then book your first working session.

The first and subsequent working sessions

It is highly likely that the first working session will last between 90 minutes and 2 hours.  This allows additional time to get background information about the presenting problem, and for me to explain the methodology of selected style of therapy.   We will then get to work with the therapy itself.  Some issues can be resolved completely in this one session. Subsequent single sessions will be of approximately 50-60 minutes duration.

Removing obstacles and changing behaviour

The following explanation is a little simplistic, but you will get the idea:

Every split second of every day your mind is being bombarded with information from your senses, and your subconscious mind tries to match that information with stuff that is similar to what is already stored.  Now, if what you did last time worked, it will try and do the same thing again, and if it didn’t then it will try to avoid it. Most of the time that system works really well.  The problem is though, this part of the brain is immensely fast, and not very logical so it sets your behaviour and emotions into action before you are consciously aware of what has happened.  So if it finds something it thinks was a threat, it will create anxiety to steer you away from it even if consciously you now know there is no cause for concern.  I can help you teach the speedy part of your brain that it is ok to do what you want to do.  The therapies page will explain a little more about the different ways of working

Creating what you want

The subconscious mind is a natural goal-achieving machine.  However as I’ve said before, it tends to be a very literal and not necessarily logical part of the brain.  It’s a bit like a "genie" that grants your wishes by giving you whatever subject you focus it on. The trouble is that more often than not, when I speak to people that are struggling, they can give me a list of what they don’t want; how they don’t want to feel; what they don’t want to do.  Guess what?  The genie obeys and gives them exactly that…..what they don’t want-because that is exactly what is being focused on!

I will teach you how to use the "genie" to create what you want.  It is amazing to see the changes in peoples lives by just knowing how to think.

Maintaining mental and emotional wellbeing

I can give you some very helpful tools and resources to help you maintain your mental health or take your personal development to another level.