Hypnotherapy is quite simply therapy carried out in hypnosis.  It is the therapy part that does the work. Hypnosis just helps the process along making it faster as a result of quietening the busy conscious part of your mind.  Hypnosis on it’s own in fact serves little purpose other than relaxation.  It is what you ask your mind to focus on when in this relaxed state that makes it a useful therapeutic tool.  You are always fully aware and in control, in fact your heightened awareness can give you access  to information in your mind that would consciously be unavailable to you. Most people's only experience of hypnosis is watching a stage hypnotist getting people to do silly things seemingly under his spell.  As a result, just about everyone who has never experienced hypnosis in a clinical setting has some fears and reservations about what to expect. Before I conduct any hypnosis session, I will answer any questions or concerns you may have to put your mind at rest.  Ultimately, if you feel it isn't for you, I can work using a different style of therapy.


Until BWRT came along, this was my go to tool for complex issues and true phobias.  There are two methods I tend to use.  Where the presenting problem seems to be the only area of a persons life that isn't ok, then we regress back in time to find the original cause of the symptom. Once found, we work on it and release it.


For people who have emotional issues that seem to impact every aspect of their lives in many diverse ways, or where there isn’t an obvious cause, free associative hypnoanalysis is a remarkably powerful healing tool. It uses a light to moderate hypnotic state combined with a technique known as free association.  This allows your mind  to wander and unlock  the original causes of your behaviour and triggers to emotional responses.  Because it accesses all areas so to speak, people who undergo analysis experience beneficial change in most  areas of their life and have a sense of general wellbeing once therapy is complete.  It is almost like an emotional reset.

I am a fully trained hypnotherapist and hypnoanalyst and a member of the Association for Professional Hypnosis and Psychotherapy. (APHP)